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01 September 2010 @ 02:53 pm
Remembering. Chapter 2 (2/2). Still Thinking. Kensei/Hiro.  

Title : Remembering
Chapter : 2/2
Author : cat_2worlds 
Pairing : Kensei/Hiro (Slash)
Rating : T
Warning : Spoilers for season 3.
Summary : Kensei thinks about his love for Hiro and about everything that happened since they met and it goes on. Angstier now.
Note : Enjoy! :D Monroe is a bit..angry in this one xD! Plus, I tried to be more into character with this chapter !!:D I don't know why but I'm pretty good in doing so with EVERY OTHER character..but I got problems with Kensei/Monroe D: I don't know... tell me if I managed to get it better than last time! :D Thank you!

HERE :D! : http://cat-2worlds.livejournal.com/3988.html
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