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11 May 2010 @ 01:21 pm
newbie with fic!  
Title: Magic Wrapper Blanket
Character: Adam, Hiro, Ando
Rating: Teen
Spoiler: Spoiler for “Powerless”
Warning: bizarre story. I can’t make it crack enough nor sober enough.
Summary: another way for Hiro to stop Adam without any coffin involved.

Adam choked as Hiro’s knee dug into his stomach when they landed from their teleportation from Primatech. Adam quickly surveyed his surrounding, a small bed room with posters of comic book he didn’t recognized. He guessed it was Hiro’s bedroom. He tried to get up, but Hiro hold him firmly on the ground. “What now, Carp?” he asked, his eyes challenged Hiro. “Are you going to kill me?”

Hiro took his time answering. His mouth tightened into that line which always appeared when he was thinking too much. This can’t be a good sign, Adam thought. “I’m gonna try something.” Hiro finally said, face contorted as he worked his power. In a second Adam felt like his whole body was burning, and his four hundred years of life flashed before him. The last thing he saw was Hiro’s face. He was trying to say something but Adam couldn’t hear anything. Soon the image was replaced by a carp gaping its mouth, and then Adam’s consciousness stopped working.

The next day Ando got a call from Hiro asking him to come to his apartment. Hearing Hiro’s tone, he rushed to Hiro’s apartment, leaving his job behind. He was greeted at the door by a tired looking Hiro. “Hiro, what happened? Where have you been all this time?” Hiro didn’t answer, just gestured him to get into his living room. “What the…” Ando cursed in Japanese.

The room was a mess. Towel, diaper, bottle and heaven knew what else were all over the room. But the one thing (or creature) that made Ando cursed was the one on the table, wrapped tightly in a blanket and surrounded by what seemed like Hiro’s futon. “Why, I didn’t know you had it in you, Hiro!” he patted Hiro’s shoulder and took a closer look of the baby. “Who’s the mother, anyway? One of the pretty girls we met in Las Vegas?” Hiro’s frown answered his question. “Don’t say… Is it your baby? Who’s the father, then?” Hiro gasped like the carp he was accused to be similar of. “What? No! Where did you get that idea?” Ando only shrugged his shoulder. “Well, you could bend time, other people can fly, I let go of something called logic a long time ago.”

Hiro sighed, and decided to make this as quickly as possible. “That baby is the killer of my father. He was a very bad man and I should have killed him, but he has this power that makes him immortal. So I just use my power and turned back his body time and this is as far as I can go. Even with my power I can not get him back into nothingness. And so, he was just born yesterday.”

“Like Doraemon’s magic wrapper blanket?” Ando asked. “Like Doraemon’s magic wrapper blanket,” Hiro confirmed. Ando stared at him blankly, mouth agape like a certain fish. Even for his illogical mind, the information was too much to take.

Hiro quickly added before Ando could recover. “Could you watch him for a few hours? I couldn’t sleep at all last night. The diaper is here, the milk is there, all the information you need about taking care of a baby is in drive D in my laptop.” And right after that Hiro collapsed into the couch, leaving Ando staring at the baby as if it was an alien. He then sighed and turned Hiro’s laptop on. He got a feeling that their life will be even more bizarre from now on.

~the end?~

PS: For those of you who don’t know, Doraemon is a popular children manga/anime which story is about a cat robot called Doraemon who comes from 22nd century and has many magical tools to make children’s dreams come true.
Magic wrapper blanket is one of the tools which function is: when you wrap something with it, you can either make it older or younger. I’m not really sure about the English name because I don’t read the English version of it. Anyone knows what I’m talking about?

PS2: As a newbie I have many questions about that episode:
I think the whole six feet under thing is a bit strange. Japanese don’t usually bury the dead, but cremated them and store the ash in the tomb stone (the ones in the episode). It will be more believable to me if Hiro had buried him in a western cemetery. Where did Hiro get that coffin anyway? Did he steal it?
I tried to imagine it: Hiro froze time, put frozen Adam in the cemetery, ran somewhere else to get the coffin, got back to the cemetery, dug the earth and put the coffin + Adam in, cemented it then bury it with soil again. Pfft it will be a lot easier (and much safer for human race) to cut Adam’s head off. Hiro did (almost) kill Sylar once anyway. Compared to that, this one is an easy kill.
Anyway, Hiro said he should kill Adam, so why didn’t he? (the only explanation is that Ando saying “Hiro is not a murderer”?) There are so many strange thing in that scene that they got to cut it all altogether ;p Anyway, that got me thinking what else could Hiro do to stop Adam. Thus this fic was born.
BTW I don’t watch any other season 2 beside Powerless, so if I’m missing something, please tell me:)
cat_2worldscat_2worlds on August 22nd, 2010 05:55 pm (UTC)
Lol xD That was pretty funny! :P ;) When Hiro tried his power I was like : Oh look at it, I'm sure he's gonna make him a baby xD !..And I was right! :P YEAH!

PS2: He didn't cut his head off because Hiro cannot kill, he's got principles and is way too nice for that. And, there's also the fact that Sylar wasn't his friend but Adam was...long ago. So there's this little attachment towards the relationship that I'm sure makes it harder for him. :)

And for Doraemon....reminds me something but ...Sorry I do not know.
Panda Girangharehare on August 26th, 2010 07:51 am (UTC)
wow i've forgotten i wrote this!
thanks for reading and the explanation:D
cat_2worldscat_2worlds on August 30th, 2010 03:52 pm (UTC)
haha xD Lol ^^'! :P
Welcome :D! It was a pleasure! ^^ Lol :)