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06 May 2010 @ 08:39 pm
Hi everyone ! :D I'm so happy that there's a Kensei/Hiro community ! 

Here's my fanfiction! 

Hope you'll like it :D

Oh and don't forget to comment ^^ I always love when people comment ! ^^ Lol :)

Title : Remembering
Chapter : 1/2
Author : cat_2worlds 
Pairing : Kensei/Hiro (Slash)
Rating : T
Warning : Spoilers for season 3.
Summary : Kensei thinks about his love for Hiro and about everything that happened since they met.
Note : I posted this on fanfiction first so, if you recognize this, it's normal xD. Oh and for the girl-camp thing, just imagine Yaeko had gotten captured instead of her father. Thank you! And : Long live Kensei/Hiro :D ! Kensei's POV. It's been MONTHS I've planned to write this one so I'm pretty happy to have done it now ^^! Enjoy :D There will be two chapters for this story.

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